• Best things from Aliexpress discovered today:

Thermometer to Show Your Shower Water Temperature here

USBBattery: AA Rechargeable Battery That You Can Plug into USB to Charge here

Very Powerful Laser Guided Slingshots here

Brushes Set that Works With Most Cordless Drills for Cleaning Any Surfaces here

Silicone Ring to Hold Your Cigarete here


Skeleton Goblets here

Hulk Fist Mug here


An Inflatable Pillow to Sleep on the Backseat of the Car here


Coin Operated Personal Candy Catcher Machine here

Bronze Belt Buckle with an Embed Zippo Style Lighter here


Magnet Brush to Wash Windows from Outside here

This Pen Is also is a Garden here


Carry Your Baby Hands Free on Your Shoulders here

Rotating Aliexpress Birthday Candles here


Flexible Drill Bit Extension here

This Thing here

A Secret Stash Hidden into a Metal Screw here

A Webcam Cover Slider here

Legendary Nokia 3310 here

If You Got Little Kids at Home.. here

When You Polished Your Car too Perfectly here

A Bit Crazy Flower Pot here

A Lockpicking Gun here

This Dinosaur Costume here

A Thing Every Restroom Should Have, Now Looks Like a Cherry here

A Samurai Sword Gear Stick Handle here

How To Make a Chain Wrench.. or Just go and Buy it! here

A Scratch Map: Scratch Off Places You Already Visited here

An Automatic Fishing Rod here

Girl You Are So Hot I Need Special Gloves to Touch You here

Letters to Make Custom Names of Your Car here

A Night Light That Looks Like Psylocibine Mushrooms here

An Aliexpress Pineapple House for pets here

for pets

An Orc Head to Decorate Your Belt here

A Furniture Lifter/Mover Set here

Very Weird Shower Curtain with Cucumbers here

A Christmas Flying Santa Drone here

A 3D technicial T-Shirt here


Phone Case that Looks Like a Movie Slate here

A Rainbow Pencil here

Russian RS-12 Topol Intercontinental Missile Rocket Model here

Buy These, Do That here

A Levitating Globe here

Soviet Cult UAZ-BreadLoaf Toy Model here

This Mug Can Squeeze Your Tea Bags Innovation at its best here


A Car Jack That Uses Car Exhaust Pipe Gas to Lift here

This Electro Magnet Hides Plates, Holds Trash on Your Plate here

How to Make French Fries here

A Hidden Electric Outlet here

Make Your Own Working Wooden Safe with This Set here

Bluetooth Speaker That Looks like a Black Skull here

blacks | speakers

A Magnetic Putty here

A Hunting Bow here

Cool Skull Mask here


A Flip Book with a Surprise here

A Pirates of Carribean movie skull here

Funny Toilet Cover Decal here

Mini Calipers Keychain Small but fully functional here


Turn Your Trimmer into Super Trimmer here

Electronic Alcohol Tester to Insert into Your Smartphone here

A PornHub Hoodie - a present for Your Dad? He watches porn, now he wears it to support it here


An Inflatable Travel Pillow with a.. Hood here


When You Stuck in a Traffic Jam... here

A FURMINATOR - a terminator of excess hair, made for pets here

for pets

Karl Lagerfield and a cat T-Shirt here


How to Learn Play Tennis Fast here

Fully Metal Stainless Steel Thick Solid Coffee Mug here


This Kind of Flickers for Your Car here

A Fingerprint Access Control Bluetooth Padlock here

Anti-fog and anti-rain drops protective film for your rear view mirrors here

A Calendar Keychain for up to Year 2060 here


Mini Wireless Gamepad for a Smartphone here

Home Slippers Which Are Also a Dust Mop - Clean your house by just walking around (or dancing): here


Funny Little Thing to Scare Someone here

A Panda Stapler here

Ultra Small Mini Camera here

Business Idea: Get Bottle Cutter, Make Beer Glasses here

This Funny Game here

I need this, urgently here

Self Defense Tactical Full Metal Black Pen here

pens | blacks

A Nitrate Tester Gadget: How Dangerous is the Food You Eat? here

Bottle Opener that Looks Like a Thor's Hammer here

bottle openers

A Cheap iPhone Splitter - Charge and Listen to Music Same Time here

Spherical Ice Molds here

Wind-Proof Bullet Shaped Lighter here


Solar Charger for Mobile Phone here

Metal Clip with Memory - Always Returns Back here

Fingerprint Access Control Door Nobs here

Glow in the Dark Newton's Craddle here

How to Scare Your Colleague here

Japanese Katana Umbrella here


A Device to Clean Your Car's Roof here

A Life Vest for Pets here

for pets

USB-rechargeable Dog Collar here

"In Russia Even Dogs Wear Adidas" here

AK-47 model here

Bike Wheels Lights here

A Gorilla Gripper - Useful Tool here

iPhone Sticky Notes here

iPhone Case with Six Lens here