• List of top 22 nice Aliexpress faucets in 2020:

This two color faucet with LED lights πŸ˜† here

Turn your faucet to "smart faucet" with this little Xiaomi thing πŸ˜†It reacts to the hand movement, USB charged. One charge gives six months of work. Cats might find it entertaining πŸ˜†πŸ˜† here

This cool black faucet πŸ˜† here

Nice telescopic faucet πŸ˜† here

Wide but flat aluminum color faucet πŸ˜† here

Some dragon faucets a few designs for different liking πŸ˜† here

Faucets with motion detector (like you saw in shopping centers πŸ˜†) here

This spiral faucet πŸ˜† here

Blue stained glass faucet and a sink πŸ˜† here

A transparent glass faucet πŸ˜† here

A kitchen faucet with induction heater - it heats the water on the fly according to desired temp. πŸ˜† here

One more Black tap faucet for the kitchen πŸ˜† here

This type of faucet with a groove thru which water flows - in bronze and other colors here

Small black faucet with withdrawable watering handle πŸ˜† here

This kitchen faucet πŸ˜† here

This faucet is embedded into wall πŸ˜† here

Another black on black tap faucet πŸ˜† here

Interesting faucet πŸ˜† here

A finding Nemo fish extender for the faucet to entertain little kids and arrousing interest in washing hands πŸ˜† here

This is not a faucet, but a light looking like faucet πŸ˜† here

Smart faucet - shows water temperature πŸ˜† here

This small spiral faucet πŸ˜† here