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Lost my ear in 'Nom"

I got this cool alien queen figure for my birthday

This looks like the cover for a dog rap album: Bad 2 the Bork

This is a wedding invitation I recieved

Nature's Lungs

The Good Life

Impressive Voodoo cosplay

I wrote something on a piece of paper...

It's my cake day, here's a rather large string art map I made.

Octopus Typewriter

somewhere, in a vague place you call Heaven

This manhole cover is shaped like an animal's face

The light from the sunrise is cutting this building in half like a light sabre

I was going to try a starry sky long exposure when this little plane flew by

My doppelgänger in Northern Irish politics

I had no bread or rolls, so I had to make a breakfast pizza.

The tail end of the tornado-producing storm in Illinois. A break of sunset with the fury of lightning.

My local coffee shop shows how various drinks are made

The inside of a bomb.

A lad that drunk so much during the Brazilian carnival that he forgot his Girlfriend was on his shoulders