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Got this great pic of my sis right as my mom hurled a chunk of dirt at her head.

Meanwhile.. driving in New Mexico.....

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me...

Someone better let this god damned goose inside. This is birdism.

Fishnet worker in Vietnam

[SAD] This man took his wife’s ashes to Valentine’s Day lunch

Get out, small man. It is my house.

Sir Patrick Stewart visits young Star Trek fan with life threatening condition.

The Movie _2001_ getting it right in 2018. 50yrs old this week

Glass Gem Corn, a Native American variety of corn looks like this.

I was on vacation in Mexico when I found this superhero. Buzz was there too.

Church in Trogir, Croatia

Somewhere in the Maldives

80-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Watered This Sealed Bottle Garden Since 1972 And It’s Still Alive.

give it a caption

The thousand yard stare- an Italian soldier, his photo taken after three consecutive days of battle in Afghanistan.

Down 212lbs!! Starting weight 500lbs- Next goal is 225

My favorite shot of Luna, dreaming of playing outside all day!

I took a picture of myself in my godson's eye

2005, my brother and me playing GTA San Andreas