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Majestic looking horse in the snow today.

SnowMobiling out to the Mackinac Bridge

Friend got in an accident, he was extremely lucky and his bike took hardly any damage. The car behind him however....

Elizabeth Quay, Perth Australia [5376x3024]

Lightning striking the Seattle Space Needle

My Favorite View Of Manhattan

If all goes well with the appraisal tomorrow, this will be my new Texas home

Is that how you photobomb?

I hear you guys like pics of Seattle

Mini horse in mini van

The skin of a tiger is also striped

Beauty is in the eye of this gecko.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor before the storm

This comic is too cute not to be seen by everybody.

So my cat gave me this look..

My first attempt at capturing star trails.

I did a Where The Wild Things Are photo shoot for my friends sons first birthday!

My brother is taking a semester in Spain for college and he sent me this photo today. Gotta say I am a little jealous

I had a bad wreck on a horse this weekend and it was caught on camera. The other horse's reaction is priceless.

I saw a movie that started like this once