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Baby orangutan at the St. Louis Zoo named Ginger

Guy sledding down a street in Charlestown, Massachusetts

Just teaching English in Korea.

In case anyone is wondering about the snow in Tahoe...

He had the opportunity and he took it!

Four years since we lost him. RIP

Phrases used by Kelly Thomas begging for his life while getting beat to death by police officers. He was a homeless man who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Remembering Aaron Swartz today.

When it snows, it dumps

Pier + Sunset + Surfer + Crashing Wave All in One! San Diego, California

Good guy Hooters.

Hotel in Russia

Just chicken out some shirts in Walmart....

Sleepy Neighborhood in the Snow Beaverton, Oregon [OC]

My Reddit Secret Santa took over a month to ship from Thailand but it was totally worth it! We get married in two months. Thank you!

Oh you too?!

Frozen tranquility after a heavy snow fall.

When weed is legal in your state and you go to McDonald's

I took a shot of a surfer under the moon